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Apple Cider Vinegar - Premium

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Spirit of Cider

Spirit of Cider


 Premium ACV

Bignose & Beardy apple cider vinegar (ACV) is based on wild fermented ciders that have been allowed to spontaneously referment before maturing for at least two years. 

All of our ciders are made from local apples that would otherwise go to waste. They are matured for at least a year before drinking. We allow some of our ciders to turn to vinegar naturally, which is triggered by allowing oxygen to reach the cider. If we are honest this does not always happen deliberately, but a batch of spoiled cider is a gift as it will turn into delicious Apple Cider Vinegar .

Our low acidity apple cider vinegar is a natural living product, unpasteurised and unfiltered it contains ‘the mother’, visible as wispy strands. It's packed with flavour.

Many people claim that Apple Cider Vinegar or ACV has many health benefits. Bignose believes it eases his arthritic knees and takes it with honey from his bees. Others believe it has detoxifying properties. Research suggests significant favorable effects of ACV consumption on FPG and blood lipid levels

Gently shake before serving. Dilute 30ml in 200ml of still or sparkling water and sweeten to taste, enjoyed as a tonic by many people. Also suitable for dressings, sauces and cocktails.

Made in Sussex from local waste apples and nothing else.

Available in 250ml bottles.

Suitable for Vegetarians, Vegans and Coeliacs. 

Vinegar Stats

Made in Sussex from local waste apples and nothing else.

Nutritional values per 100ml:

Energy kJ 20 (kcal 5)

Total fat <0.5g (of which saturates <0.1g)

Fibre <0.5g

Protein <0.1g

Salt <0.025g 

pH 3.3

Acidity 2.85%

Orchard Notes

Our vinegar is a blend of a number of batches of cider we didn't get through in time. Left too long, the cider stats to turn to vinegar making unpalatable as cider. Left long enough it becomes amazing apple cider vinegar.

As such our vinegars contain apples from all the orchards we work with and is truly a product of Sussex.

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