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Cool to the core

Cool to the Core!

Bignose & Beardy celebrate being voted a Cool Brand by recognising other people, who actually are cool, with a new Cool to the Core award.

Bignose & Beardy has been voted a cool brand 2021/22 by CoolBrands® ( Their panel of judges voted us cool for authenticity, desirability, innovation, originality and environmental responsibility. We thought it was because of our cardigans, sandals and receding hair.

Bignose (Phil Day) said:

“It’s amazing to be recognised in this way. We’ve been selected alongside major brands like Jaguar, ICA, the Groucho Club, Campari and Tony Chocolonely. Those people really are cool and we just make cider in a field in East Sussex.”

Beardy (Steve Rabson Stark) said:

“It felt pretty good to have a bunch of influential strangers come up to you and say “Hey, we think you’re cool”. It was also quite surprising: we never thought we were cool. It got us thinking about what is cool and how often the really cool stuff is unglamorous, day to day and maybe taken for granted.” 

We thought we’d do something to celebrate that kind of cool, so…

We've decided to recognise other people who are actually cool and we need your help!

We’ve created a special cider called Cool to the Core and we’ve given it a shiny label. It's a tiny bit like an Oscar. 

Let us know about the people in your life who are cool - cool as determined by you, against any criteria you feel count. Tell us a bit about them and we'll put them up for the Cool to the Core award. Winners will receive a special edition Cool to the Core bottle. 

Fill in the form on our website with your name and email and tell us something about the cool person in your life. Nominations can be made until April 8th. We'll pick a list of winners from all the entries and arrange delivery of their Cool to Core award.

Bignose Phil said:

“I have never been cool. Then suddenly it turns out that I am and it is official and that feels GREAT. I’d like other people to have that feeling too. There are a lot of very cool people going unrecognised and it’s time we did something about that.”

Beardy Steve said: “I think you’re cool.”


Nominate your cool people here.

Visit for more information about CoolBrands®. We feature in their book (but only in the full list on p97).

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