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join the juicy side - it is your destiny ciderling!

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In-Cider news, inside

In-Cider news, inside

Our two for £50 fridge box offer is on til the end of July - get some in for the footie, family BBQs, the school Summer fete, they’re perfect for any shape of shindig. And it’s tap night time this Friday. Forecast = fab 🌞

Big nose and Beardy bag in a box cider


In-Cider facts for cider fans
In case you’re new around here
 (or in case you just don’t pay attention), here are a few facts about Bignose & Beardy…

It’s au naturel (the cider, not us)

🍏 Our cider is made with 100% natural ingredients.
🍏 The natural yeast already on apple skin makes the juice ferment.

It’s a marathon, not a sprint

🍏 Fermentation is the train to Taste Sensation Station! It’s a sleeper… got to be patient. 
🍏 But if we’re TOO patient it turns into 
apple cider vinegar.

It’s sustainable cidering, Ciderling

🍏 We use wonky and surplus apples that could otherwise rot.
🍏 We feed the pomace (pulp and skin) to our animals.

Get out and about

It's a dangerous business, Ciderling, going out your door. You step onto the road, and if you don't keep your feet, there's no knowing where you might be swept off to.

Okay, we stole that off Tolkien. But it's true. 

We love Summer. Little marble sized apple babies are starting to appear on the apple trees. Everyone seems brighter and happier thanks to the weather getting better. 

Consider this a gentle nag to get outdoors and have a stroll through some nature. It does the world of good for your brain, too. And as Tolks said (via Bilbo), there’s no knowing where you might end up. Just make sure you follow the Countryside Code - did you know, Shaun the Sheep is the mascot? I guess work’s dried up a bit for him.

And speaking of getting outdoors, we had a lovely time recently making a bench! 

Big Nose & Beardy AKA Phil and Steve making a bench

See us for ciders

It’s tap night time again this Friday, with music from The Spooky Wagons and fresh Nepalese street food from MoMo. VERY excited for that 👌🏻Because as we all know by now, cider is best consumed outdoors with your pals. 

And there’s no rest for the mildly naughty. On Saturday, we’re off to Eastbourne to mark Armed Forces Day. Pop along for some sea air, cider and great company. 

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