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Frost Strike! - Lambs - Three Acre Collab

Frost Strike! - Lambs - Three Acre Collab

With such a cold April, the blossom has been slow to appear on a majority of the apple trees – as it turns out, not a bad thing, for those buds that have burst open in the orchard, mainly the pears and plums, have been hit by the ongoing frosts - we will have to wait and see if this affects their fruitfulness this year? 

Well, we were certainly blessed with a bounty of lambs – all 16 of them! About 4 more than we were anticipating resulting in a whopping 32% discount on the cider shop! All are doing well, racing and springing around the fields and growing at a rapid rate – as are the chicks, hatched at beginning of March, they are now already fully feathered and outdoors free ranging in the garden.

As lock-down starts to ease, we have promoted Bignose & Beardy alongside our neighbouring Three Acre Brewery and Tickerage Vineyard, both also in our parish, further encouraging the continuation of ‘Buy Local’ and enjoying our drinks with family and friends. With pubs starting to re-open and festivals and events coming back to the calendar, May is hopefully going to be a busy month!

As promised, we have included one of the new 2021 batch launches in this months box – we hope you like it. You can find all the details about each cider on the website, as well as the link to our shop:


Phil and Steve 

Bignose & Beardy

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