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Harvest! - Hunting for Apples

Harvest! - Hunting for Apples

The busiest time of year at the cidery with picking and pressing in full swing!

Our Apple Appeal has again resulted in local folks dropping sacks of apples at the cidery door in exchange for cider. This is the fundamental ethos of Bignose & Beardy – transforming what would otherwise have been waste fruit into great cider.

However – its clear from our orchard visits and discussion with those dropping fruit that 2023 is again a lean year for apples in our immediate area  – the late cold winds and storms in spring appear to have both damaged blossoms, as well as delayed bees from pollinating - a reminder we are all beholden to mother nature!

In light of the above, we have sourced surplus apples from a couple of local commercial fruit farms, as well as having to juggle the locations of our cider club picking days, it appears the fruit is more bountiful a bit further east.

On the plus side, we have been bathed in warmth and sunshine for this years harvest – a fabulous autumn bonus!

By the end of the month we will have our full quota of 7000ltrs of apple juice safely in tank – those we have already pressed are bubbling nicely as the sugars transform to alcohol – the additional warmth having helped accelerate fermentation.

With the festive season fast approaching, we have plenty of gift ideas and offerings on our shop. Gift packs, hampers and club subscriptions will be sure to delight any ‘foodies’ on your Christmas list!

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