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Flowers - Injuries - New batches

Flowers - Injuries - New batches

Spring has been pretty cold so far, but finally the blossoms on the fruit trees are starting to burst into life. Plums are already out – they are always the first and often susceptible to frost damage – pears will be next, followed by the apples in May. There looks to be a good volume of flowers coming through – only time will tell if they make it to the formation of fruitlets.

We have had a slow start in production to 2023, mainly due to health issues – Bignose (Phil) knee recovery is ongoing, but an unexpected gardening hand injury to Beardy (Steve) has presented a rather painful predicament

We are both feeling a little decrepit!!

But we are pleased to report the opening of a couple of new batches this month-

  • Haisy Shepherd – a dry cider created of a mix of fruit from Cockhaise Mill and Little Shepherd
  • Little Gill – a medium cider derived of fruit from an orchard at Gill Ridge, as well as the favourite Little Shepherd

Both the above will feature in club boxes over the next couple of months.

Cidery Tours and Tap Nights see a return for 2023 – the first of which is at the beginning of May, with further dates for June, July and September.

These proved very popular last year – a fun, mellow and relaxing way to spend an evening in the orchard at Bignose & Beardy HQ. We would love to see you there – check out the events page of the website for further details.

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