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Apple Cider Vinegar - Chocolate and Cider

Apple Cider Vinegar - Chocolate and Cider

The end of 2020 proved to be very busy for B&B – which was great! Thanks to everyone who decided to support local small business, we hopefully managed to put a smile on lots of faces as they unwrapped their Christmas stockings.   

January sees the launch of our Apple Cider Vinegar. This has been quietly maturing in the corner of the barn for over 5 years, the tanks being added to whenever we end up with cider that becomes ‘spoilt’ – all part of the natural process and magical journey of apple juice, through to cider, through to vinegar – a gift from nature!

The vinegar is unfiltered and complete with the ‘mother’ – the bacterial strands suspended in the liquid which transition the alcohol to acid.

Building on the popularity of our Cheese and Cider box, we are also in discussion with other local artisan producers to hopefully offer some interesting combinations over the next few weeks including local Sussex sparkling mineral water, raw honey and fabulous handmade chocolate – watch this space!

January would normally be the time for our annual ‘wassail’ – the winter celebration to bless the orchard and ward of any evil spirits – all in the hope of encouraging a fruitful harvest for the coming year – as well as a good excuse to drink cider and have fun! Unfortunately current restrictions have prevented us gathering for this occasion for 2021 – hopefully next year…

We hope you enjoy this month’s batches. You can find all the details about each cider on the website, as well as the link to our shop:




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